Team Building

Quiz night is a perfect Team building activity in Bratislava, where you can challenge your knowledge with friends and co-workers of all ages.

Let us organize for you a great evening of Quiz Night for your company or private group.

Pub Quiz Night is an excellent team building activity, with a duration of 2 to 2 ½ hours.

This activity offers a fun and challenging evening where teams are build up and compete in various questions in categories such as General knowledge / Sports / History / Geography or custom questions.
After 6 rounds of questions and a small break, we go over the answers together and the winning team is
declared (Prizes given to the top 3 teams and the last team).

It is suggested to have teams of 4, but these can be changed accordingly
Number of participants
Ideally from 20 to over 100 can participate

Below are venues where we have hosted previous Quiz Nights and if available, we recommend it.
● Gremium Restaurant (website)
● The Nook cafe (website)

● Quiz Master who entertains the contestants during Quiz Night.
● Quiz (in PowerPoint format)
● Answer sheets
● Registration desk (1 Hostess)
● Wireless microphones for the Quiz Master

In case the selected venue does not have the necessary peripherals needed to run Quiz Night, we offer
for rental:
● Sound system

Quiz Night events can be provided in the following languages:
– English
– Slovak
– Spanish
– German

Pictures from our past events

Contact us to book your next Team Building Quiz event!